Photovoltaic power station for first public solar energy system

Mureck, Styria /  Austria

In a construction phase of only six months, a unique future-oriented project was completed in the Styrian village of Mureck. For the first time in an initiative instigated by the village citizens, a solar power plant was installed with a very high output. It was financed by roughly 200 citizens from the Mureck region. On a space of two hectares, this power plant produces electrical energy with a total output of 1,050 KWp. The electricity generated in this ecologically friendly way is fed into the mains of the local power supply company. This means that approximately one million kWh of green electricity will be available each year. This plant makes a valuable contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Date of completion/acceptance
April 2011

Scope of services

  • Access road to power plant
  • Support structures
  • Modules and cabling
  • Central inverter system
  • Medium voltage cabling
  • Power transfer station
  • Monitoring system
  • Ground and lightning protection system
  • Excess voltage protection system

Special features

  • Financed by regional citizens
  • Green electricity produced annually: 1 MWp
  • CO2 emissions reduction per year: 5000 tons

Wilhelm Freund